Category Contaminant modelling
Publisher  Enviros Consulting 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description AMBER is a graphical-user-interface based tool that allows users to build dynamic compartmental models to represent the migration, degradation and fate of contaminants in an environmental system. It allows the user to assess routine, accidental and long-term contaminant release. Features include: Time varying source terms and transfer processes (including stepwise changes). Non-linear transfer processes. Full support for decay and in-growth of contaminants. User definable compartments, transfers and model structure. User definable parameters and algebraic equations. Parameter checking and units awareness that will warn the user where inconsistencies arise in a model. User definable sub-models in larger models. Modelling of uncertainty through probabilistic (Monte-Carlo) sampling. Choice of numerical solver depending on problem type (semi-analytic or time-step). Built-in graphing with optional export to Excel. User configurable results output. Re-use of models through import and export of data libraries. Any number of compartments. Any number of contaminants and associated rates of degradation (both compartment dependent and independent). Any number of transfers between compartments. Sub-models within larger models. Algebraic expressions to represent transfer processes operating between compartments. Algebraic expressions to represent the uptake of contaminants by humans and other output quantities of interest. Non-linear transfer processes (e.g. solubility-limited leaching). Deterministic, probabilistic and time varying parameter values.
Cost From UK Pounds 6000
Data formats supported Database and Spreadsheet  :  Excel 
Supplier in United Kingdom  Enviros Consulting 

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