Category Piles (lateral loading and groups)
Publisher  Century Dynamics Limited 
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description SPLINTER soil-pile-structure interaction program is part of the ASAS-OFFSHORE FEM software system for the analysis of offshore steel structures, but is also available separately. It analyses the interaction between an elastic structure, supported on one or more piles including pile groups and an elastic or inelastic soil. Displacements and stresses for the whole jacket can be recovered at any point in the solution. It may also be used stand alone to examine the behaviour of piles only, which are subject to axial and lateral loads. Features include: Single pile or pile group analysis. Soil-pile-structure interaction with single piles or pile groups. No limit to number of piles or soil layers. Piles may have non-constant cross sections. No restriction on number of line segments defining force displacement curves for lateral forces (P-Y), skin friction (T-Z) and pile end bearing. Automatic sub-division of piles taking into account changes in cross section, soil layers etc. Automatic calculation of Mindlin coefficients. Automatic generation of P-Y and T-Z curves. Efficient non-linear solution for soil-pile-structure interactions via super element (sub-structuring) approach. Stress recovery to structural elements following convergence. Tangent and secant stiffness methods for iterating with non-linear P-Y and T-Z curves for soil. Cartesian, cylindrical polar or spherical polar coordinate systems. Skewed system option for constraints or loading. Units may be changed within each data block.
Cost GB Pounds 5000
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United Kingdom  Century Dynamics Limited 

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