Category Piles (lateral loading and groups)
Publisher  Transport Research Laboratory 
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description PC-MPILE is a program for the analysis of pile groups subject to a general 3D loading applied to the pile cap. Model includes: up to 100 piles, up to 20 loading conditions, data validity check. Data input: pile group geometry, flexural properties of the piles, elastic properties of the soil, magnitude and direction of the loads on the pile cap. The program calculates the axial lateral and torsional stiffness of each pile in the group assuming individual behaviour. Expressions for interactions between piles under different loadings are then applied in setting up the stiffness and flexibility matrices for the whole group. Output consists of: load-deformation characteristics for the group, the stiffness and flexibility matrices, forces and bending moments induced at the head of each pile, an equilibrium check between applied and induced loading, linear and angular displacements of the piles relative to the surrounding soil, bending moments along the length of each pile. Data input is through a graphical user interface, which verifies data and provides context-sensitive help.
Cost GB Pounds 1875 + GB Pounds 350 annual maintenance
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United Kingdom  Mott MacDonald 

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