Category Piles (lateral loading and groups)
Publisher  Ensoft Inc 
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description 3DPILE solves problems related to three dimensional pile groups subjected to axial, lateral, and torsional loading using p-y curves, t-z curves and soil response curves for torsional resistance. A rigid pile cap is assumed for the analysis and the connection between the pile cap and the pile head can either be hinged or fixed. The program can handle piles installed vertically or with a batter angle. The program considers the non-linearity of soil behavior. It is applicable primarily to two types of pile group problems: the interaction of closely-spaced piles and the distribution of load to piles in a group. The program will compute the load-deformation, bending moment, and shear curves vs. depth for each pile. Iterative techniques are employed in solving the nonlinear difference equations. All the data created by the screen input are saved in a batch file. The data saved in the batch file can be retrieved and changed by the input program for various case studies. The output of the program is as follows: Echo-print of input data; Generated t-z, p-y, and torsional resistance curves; Displacement and rotation of pile cap; Deflection, bending moment, shear, and soil resistance along the length of each pile; Summary results of forces and displacements at the top of individual piles; Graphics display for response curves of each pile.
Cost US Dollars 1500
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  Ensoft Inc 

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